Outstanding Business Recycling and Diversion Program: Let Em Have It Salon


Fallene Wells and her staff at Let Em Have It Salon recycled 80 to 90 percent of their waste during the past four years. The salon diverts or recycles on average 120 pounds of waste per month, composts more than 10 pounds per week and generates under one pound of trash bound for the landfill each week. Let Em Have It Salon is a member of Member of Green Circle Salons and a certified business through Certifiably Green Denver.

Fallene encourages other salons to be more sustainable through a private Facebook group called Salon Owners Growing Together. The group shares tips on how to be more sustainable and help salons by providing a platform to collaborate and share resources and stories about running a salon business.

Let Em Have It Salon is one of three salons in the world to become a B Corporation. Because of its wonderful team culture, the team at the salon leads positive change for the industry by sharing how to be more sustainable with its customers and inspiring them to integrate sustainability into their own lives. The salon provides hard-to-recycle collection services at the store for employees and clients.

Other sustainability practices at Let Em Have It Salon:

  • 100% windpowered, use solar to offset energy
  • Refill product station for select shampoo and conditioners
  • Conserve and filter water using Eco heads
  • Upcycle antique furniture
  • Use less toxic color with more sustainable packaging
  • Use all cruelty free, natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Monthly contributions to Ocean Conservancy, Sierra Club
  • Classes in composting, recycling and living more mindfully

Watch a video about the salon and their green practices: https://youtu.be/y5dcH6f2YdY

Listen to Salon Owner Collective podcast and hear Fallene’s story: http://bit.ly/salonownerspodcast

This award is given to a company or organization whose work and/or innovation has furthered and expanded recycling in Colorado.


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